Saturday, December 30, 2006

Party Boys (ACEOs)

Party Lizard (top) and
Party Dragon (bottom),
12/30/2006, 2.5" x 3.5" (ACEO), watercolor on 90# Canson
These two party boys are helping me with an experiment in shading. On top, I used multiple glazes of a single color (sap green) to simulate shadows. On the bottom, I used an underpainting of diox purple to create shadows under the sap green.

Notes for later: I think I prefer the richer darks the underpainting provides. Next time, I'll try using Payne's grey instead of diox purple. The yellow ballon is too bright, but a glaze of burnt sienna should tone it down. The wings are a little too low on the back, and need more structure.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pear (ACEO)

Pear 12/27/2006
2.5" x 3.5" (ACEO), watercolor on 90# Canson.

For Christmas, my sister sent me a box of pears from Harry & David. They were so beautiful, I needed to paint one.


By way of introduction, I am Allison Stein, an artist and author. Here's the bio that will appear with my next published short story:

Allison Stein is a Kansas City artist and author with a dark Southern streak. Her most recent credits include cover art for “Tick Hill” and “Diva” and a short story in “Flush Fiction”, all from Yard Dog Press. She also exhibits her art in science fiction and fantasy art shows across the United States. When she’s not painting, writing, hanging out in abandoned cemeteries, or scaring young children, she’s a marketing communications specialist in the software industry. She specializes in translating technobabble into Plain English.

This blog will showcase my art, including finished works and works in progress. Almost everything will be for sale. If you're interested in a particular piece, just email me with the details.

I'm still searching for myself and a path for my art. About 18 months ago, I transitioned from digital media to traditional media, and from the dark and macabre to lighter work. I ping-pong between fantasy subjects such as dragons and catgoyles (cats with wings) and mundane subjects (still lifes and housecats).

That said, I'm working toward my next big goal: To prepare a cohesive display of fantasy art for my next major show at the North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFIC) in August. I also need to create a stock of prints and small originals for sale at my table in the Artist's Alley. Wish me luck. Comments are encouraged along the way.